Hope For Twenty Bucks

crystal-ballI walked past the coffee shop and saw her looking intently into the face of a pretty young girl as she held her hand. The girl was listening carefully to her every word.

Ah ha, a Fortuneteller intent on her business. If she’s available when I walk back from the Post Office, I thought, I’ll go in. It was a perfect autumn Brisbane day, the sun was shining, the sky was blue, what harm could there be?

‘Please sit down,’ she smiled. She looked normal, fiftyish, nicely dressed, no loopy earrings. Then, ‘Great, now show me the palm of your right hand.’ And I did.

She told me there is a new baby on the way, possibly a new idea for a project, more likely a child. If it is a project it will be very successful. She warned me that my thinking needs to be immaculate; to speak of this project enthuastically and with confidence. She counseled me to do my best, then hand the rest over to the Universe. ‘Heaps of help is at hand.’ I began to warm to my new friend. She continued and told me that this is the year of my emotional maturity. Well that’s been coming a long time!

She then went on to remind me that I am responsible for my thinking, to think about my responses and take control of my emotional reactions; to be strong, calm and positive. She said that when I do slide backwards, to remind myself by saying, ‘No that’s not how I react now’ and take back my power.

Then she told me the really good news: 2013 is a money year!

I paid her the $20 and left with a big goofy smile on my dial. And something more: renewed hope. Is it real? Is it true? Do I believe that someone can tell the future from looking at the palm of my hand? Maybe. But I guess I can make all of her predictions come true for myself.

Doesn’t it beat the heck out of the gloom and doom pedaled 24/7 through every medium we own? I think so, and I left the coffee shop with something that can be bought for 20 bucks. Hope in my heart and in my smile and I found myself whistling as I walked to my car.