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What Do Women Really Want? – The eBook


What Do Women Really Want? explores how women can achieve personal fulfilment, rewarding relationships and personal happiness and offers tools and ideas to achieve this. What Do Women Really Want? is loaded with stories and experiences from women; these are interwoven with comments, advice and suggestions from the authors which will stimulate thinking and create a positive and productive mindset.

Signposts For Life


Signposts for Life, is an easy-to-follow guide to fulfilling your potential and achieving success. Using real life case studies and touching anecdotes, this book explains how to control negative thinking, communicate more effectively, enhance relationships, visualise success, let go of past hurts and much more. Written in a fun and accessible style, Signposts for Life will inspire you to make simple yet highly effective changes to your thoughts, attitudes, daily routines and lifestyle that will build your self-esteem and create new and exciting opportunities in your life.

The Effective Leader; How To Balance Your Mind, Body And Spirit At Work And At Home


The Effective Leader; How To Balance Your Mind, Body And Spirit At Work And At Home is a motivational leadership book which, through nine easy steps explores mind, body, spirit for the individual in the context of the work environment. Successful leaders need to access a wide range of strengths and skills, but the great quest of our age is about bringing balance into our lives. The Effective Leader focuses on the total person and offers ideas and understandings to apply to all aspects of life. The nine key chapters explore a range of issues facing leaders and potential leaders; how to communicate, motivate, engage, be creative, exercise choice, give one’s self great customer service, attract talent and forgive quickly. This book will stimulate thinking and give creative and practical ideas to enhance your abilities as a leader.

Life Smart – A Book for Teenagers


Life Smart is for young people aged 13-19 to help them navigate the challenges of being a teenager. Over 300 teenagers talked to Vicki about what is important to them and these interviews are the heart of this book. Written with awareness and understanding, this book provides sound advice on how to deal with the most challenging issues of these vital years – the ups and downs of friendship, falling in love; learning to believe in yourself, finding your tribe and relating to your family.



Making Dreams Come True – A Book for Children


Making Dreams Come True is a book for children and grown-ups to share. Children have dreams and want to set goals just as adults do. It may be to ride a bike, do well at school, make friends, or play in a special team. This book shows how children can use visualisation and goal setting as a creative tool to achieve goals, create a space where they can solve problems and let go of their worries and fears. Making Dreams Come True is a step-by-step tool to empower children to make their dreams come true.