Meet the Authors

Vicki Bennett and Ian Mathieson

Odd that a woman and a man would write a book together about women’s desires and yearnings, but authors Vicki Bennett and Ian Mathieson do everything together, they write, cook, row in boats, and walk their dog Hamish. Their experience in their own relationship and their relationships with four daughters stimulated their curiosity about what women really want and they were compelled to write this book.

This was a journey of discovery, Vicki said that when they finished the final chapter, they looked at each other and said, ‘If the publisher doesn’t like it, it’s OK because what we have learnt, test-driving the advice and ideas; it’s been worth it. We have heaps of understandings and new insights and all those late night discussions and frustrations and tears before bedtime; we are better together because of this book.’

When they met 24 years ago Vicki and Ian both felt a deep yearning for something without quite knowing what it was. This journey together has shown them that when you get what you think you want there may still be a yearning. Their interviews with women for this book have shown them that they are not alone, that each one of us is searching for what we think we really want and this drives us to self discovery. What Do Women Really Want? is about a search by each of us, and options that are available to us on that journey.

Vicki Bennett is a corporate trainer, life coach, artist and author of sixteen books on life change and motivation, among them I’ve Found the Keys Now Where’s The Car? Life Smart and Making Dreams Come True. Ian Mathieson is her partner in love, life and writing books. He works as a business consultant and corporate strategist, keynote speaker and MC. Vicki and Ian have written several books together including; The Effective Leader, Signposts for Balance in Love and Work, 100 Keys to Success in Love, (written especially for women readers in Japan about love and life’s challenges) and now What Do Women Really Want?

Vicki’s and Ian’s strengths are courage, persistence and humour as well as their knowledge of life’s dramas and joys. Together they bring fresh insights to their work. They create helpful and at times unusual connections and perceptions for people they interact with. They have worked with thousands of people in Australia and overseas within companies, governments and organisations. They conduct seminars and workshops together about leadership, self esteem, teamwork and making the best life choices.