Quotes from Readers

‘This book is a fresh approach to a complex subject with simple to understand strategies for women to assist in navigating our increasingly complicated lives. The real life stories illustrate a broad range of situations with point style guidelines on how to get the best (or least worst) out of a situation for yourself. I read the book in one day and have referred back to it several times since. In fact I was so impressed I bought a copy for my daughter too.’
Kristina, sailor, ‘Songline’.

‘I like the honesty and positive tone of the book which make it a delight to read from front to end or to pick up and re-read bits for inspiration…I know I need to be less self-critical and to leave the past behind and embrace both of these to allow myself to be open-hearted again. The advice given was really helpful to set me in the right direction to achieve this going forward.’
Trudy, environmental manager, London.

‘This book has been very helpful in going beyond the obvious and providing sound, practical and thoughtful advice on how women can reach balance in their lives. It is relevant to me as a woman in her 30s but would be just as valuable to any women from 20 to 70.’
Rosalind, managing editor, Singapore.

‘I was at the crossroads of breaking up with my boyfriend when I read this book and it became a real turning point for me. I loved the stories from other women who were making mistakes too and the advice was practical and real.’
Sal, massage therapist, Brisbane.

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the book, particularly the chapter on strong behaviour. The victim, rescuer, persecutor pattern is very well explained and relevant.’
Jasmine, hairdresser, Brisbane.

‘I loved the book. The stories from the women you talked to added terrific reality to the mix. Just when I needed to learn about creating intimacy in a relationship, I found the answers in What Do Women Really Want?’
Christine, editor, Sydney.