The Adventure Continues…

mirrorsIn 1992 when I wrote my third book, Mirrors – an Adventure into Ourselves I couldn’t find a publisher to publish it. I am told that I have two qualities in abundance, determination and persistence, so I kept talking about it wherever I went and sending it off for appraisal. However my spirit was waning as I dressed for the early morning service on Anzac day. Another reject had found its way to my mailbox.

As always, Anzac day found me standing next to my Dad on parade at the Clayfield RSL and afterwards at the Arts Council Hall, for refreshments. Every year since I was 11 years old I would chat to the Diggers and hear their stories. An educated and worldly man, Les always had something interesting to say, so we found ourselves standing beside the quiches and tuna sandwich quarters, talking about life.

Les asked me what I was up to and I told him I was looking for a publisher for my latest book. He said ‘Oh really, do you know I am a publisher?’ No I didn’t. ‘Yes I’ll have a look at it Vicki. Bring it in on Monday and we can talk.’ ‘About?’ ‘Details.’ ‘But you haven’t seen it yet.’ ‘That’s ok I’ve known you most of your life, I know it will be good. We will go with it.’ And his publishing house did just that.

The funny thing about critical mass is you don’t know when you have nearly reached it or where it will turn up.

I now find myself hawking my first fiction manuscript and I remember this story. Les is long gone, a good man who lived a great life. And here I am looking for a home for my first novel, a love story about Catherine, an accidental time traveler, caught up in the political and social issues of 1967, trying to get home. So as I hold my vision in one hand and send my manuscript off in the other and I remind myself that life is a journey with its own critical mass, its own timelines and its own rhythms.  Best I not get in the way of that.