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Authors Vicki Bennett and Ian Mathieson asked more than 200 women the question: ‘What do women really want?’ Some were clear about what they wanted but bewildered about how to achieve it. Others were unsure what they wanted, hadn’t thought it through but nonetheless told us about experiences which reflected deep yearning and dissatisfactions. Some women demonstrated a profound understanding of themselves and their problems, often with clarity about their way forward. Find out more.

Their answers ranged from ‘I really don’t know’, ‘I want everything’, ‘I am trying to find out’, ‘I don’t have time to think about that’, ‘I have a career plan but that’s not giving me any fun at the moment’, ‘I’m OK’, ‘I’m deeply unhappy in my relationship’, to ‘I have a 30 year plan’ and a range of answers in between. One thing was universal; life is tough for women today; they are expected to work, be perfect mothers, find time for romance, be good children to their parents, juggle everything, have balanced lives and look sexy.

Women want personal fulfilment, successful relationships and happiness and are looking for tools and ideas to help them. They expressed a strong need to access other women’s voices, information and suggestions about how to move forward. What Do Women Really Want? Is loaded with stories and experiences from women, these are interwoven with comments, advice and suggestions from the authors which will stimulate thinking and create a positive and productive mindset. Each chapter is a map for the future, giving direction and guidance to assist women in their life’s journey.

This is a time of hope as well as opportunity. It is an exciting time for women; so much knowledge and information is accessible, and there are more choices and opportunities in education, careers and relationships, personal fulfilment and enlightenment. Vicki and Ian capture some facets of this awakening and optimism and offer ways to identify these opportunities. This book will help you to find your way, to clarify your wants and needs and how to achieve them, to express yourself, honour yourself and create the life you dream of.

The vast majority of women told the authors they want to balance the challenges of career, work commitments, family, friends, personal relationships and personal expectations, and build loving and satisfying relationships. They listened to what women told them and identified the ten compelling issues women face and in What Do Women Really Want? and present the following chapters:

Women Want:

  1. To Take Care of Themselves
  2. To Develop Self Confidence in Relationships
  3. To Unsubscribe from Drama
  4. To Be Clear About Relationships
  5. To Enjoy Being on Their Own
  1. To Deal with Changing Relationships
  2. To Fight Fair
  3. To Develop Strategies for Negotiation
  4. To Choose Strong Behaviour
  5. To Create Closeness, Intimacy and Trust

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