What’s a revolution Grandma?

CheIt’s New Years Eve. My grandsons are spending some time with us; coloured pens and drawing paper litter the table.

‘What’s a revolution Grandma?’

‘It’s a resolution, darling, and it’s a sort of a goal.’

‘Oh goals, I know what they are,’ says Mister Seven taking the blank piece of paper from my hand and busying himself with the coloured pens.

‘So how many do you need?’ He asks.

‘Well let’s see. Just start with three and see how you go.’

‘OK.’ He says as he sets his mouth in readiness to write.  ‘One; I really want to go to Melbourne.’ He writes it on the clean sheet of paper with a little help from Grandma. His paternal grandparents live there and he loves his Oma and Opa.

‘Now what’s the next one. What do you like to do, what would you really like to be better at?’

‘Oh that’s easy, breaststroke!’ Oliver says, really pleased with himself, choosing a red pen for emphasis.

‘And next? What would you like next?’

‘Well I would like to run faster in the Cross Country next year. Number three…’ His concentration deepens to write his third goal.

‘Now what about number four?’

‘You said I only had to do three,’ exhaustion overtaking him.

He’s right three is perfect.

Later that night at a dinner table for twelve. New Year’s revelers share magnificent food, stories and laughter. The subject of resolutions for 2014 is raised.

‘No I don’t believe in them.’ ‘Yes I have written mine.’ ‘No they never work out for me.’ ‘I do, but never get them all…’

On my right, my lovely dinner companion looks me and says, ‘I don’t know, it’s hard to get started.’

Fresh from my earlier encounter I’m ready, and quick as a wink I jump in; ‘Would you like some help?’

‘Sure.’ A speedy reply.

‘Well, let’s see, would you like to go to Melbourne?’

‘Yes, I would actually.’ Eyes light up with the thought. ‘I haven’t been back for ages. I have some wonderful friends there.’

‘Great, is there anything you would like to improve? Do you swim?’

‘Well yes, I was at the pool yesterday doing my training and the coach said that with breastroke, we have to lift our shoulders more.’

‘…So, improve your breastroke?’

I couldn’t resist the temptation for a trifecta. ‘Do you run?’

‘I do.’

‘Would you like to improve your running style?’

‘I would, yes, yes I would.’

Too easy.

‘Well your done. Anyone else like to go the Melbourne?’

My grandson teaches me, as he does every time I am with him; keep it simple Grandma.

I’ve booked my ticket to Melbourne and already in the pool enjoying every breast stroke. Running not so good, but two out of three isn’t bad.

Happy New Year everyone!